Feb 4, 2009

Inside The Writer’s Studio – Kelly Parra


Author Note:
Kelly Parra would like to make clear that no matter how many times she took the shot of her creative space, she could NOT get a shot in the evening without a glare. Also, that she is NOT a very organized writer. She did indeed clear the surface of her desk, but could not hide the abundance of papers and scraps throughout her cubbies. She is a distracted mom and writer, but NOT a miracle worker. This desk is where she scours the Internet for book research, critiques chapters, edits, chats with all her cool writer and reader friends, glues broken polly pockets, and works on her many websites.

She would like to note that Mandy Hubbard's creative space puts her space to shame.
A very sad, shame.


Also, yes, it is so that Kelly does most of her writing in an old recliner that was passed down from her uncle when she was first married and could not afford her own recliner, and a small table her mother-in-law gave her to set her laptop on when it is not on her lap. The recliner is nice and comfy and Kelly can rock to-and-fro when she's zoning out on what to write next. Yes, Kelly does a lot of zoning out in this chair almost as much as writing. :)

Is there anything about these writing spaces that surprises you? Anything that catches your interest? Is there anything you can tell about this writer just by looking at the space?

I want to thank Kelly for providing us with some interesting notes about her space, but don’t let this stop you from asking questions and leaving your comments.


KELLY PARRA is a Mexican-Filipino-Italian writer. She debuted into young adult fiction with the Latina novel GRAFFITI GIRL, a Latinidad top pick in 2007. Her next novel is the YA contemporary paranormal, INVISIBLE TOUCH is out now. Kelly currently lives somewhere in between dreamland and her hometown in Central Coast California. When not pulling her hair while writing her current novel, she likes to play with her abundance of websites and feed a serious television addiction. Kelly's favorite author as a teen was V.C. Andrews.


  1. Nothing about the desk area really surprises me, however the chair does. It looks far too comfortable to get any work done while sitting in it. I would be asleep in 2 minutes.

  2. Messy or no, I love the structure of Kelly's desk! It has many useful shelving styles.


  3. Hi Megan! Thanks for sharing about my writing spaces! :)

    TopSurf, I do lots of comfy reading in that chair too. haha!

    Epic, the very reason I got the desk--lots of cubbies to stuff my junk in. *wink*

  4. I can completely relate to the rocking... I have done some of my best (IMO, that is) writing while cruising in my glider rocker... there's just something nice about sawying a little while writing :)

    Love the desk and the contrast of the chair styles is cool :)

  5. I heard Graffiti Girl's been optioned for film! Congrats! Can you share anything with us about that?

    Also - in the second picture? With your chair? You have a bookshelf in the background! Is there a particular...category to it? Do you categorize books, and keep them on separate bookshelves/areas, or do you just keep them all together?

    Very interesting pictures - thanks for sharing them and answering our questions!

  6. Dear Kelly,

    I'm spotting more and more authors using Mac's--is there any reason you made the 'switch', or have you always used a Mac?

  7. Ohh nice! I love that chair. For real.

    Do you normally have the office to yourself or do your kids "use" it as well? lol (i love the picture at the bottom with them, btw. So cute!!!)

    YES, I want to know about the movie for Graffiti Girl.

    Would you want Invisible Touch to be a movie too? Which one would you have picked to go first?


  8. Kelly's desk looks like the one I work in at home. Don't know how I find anything sometimes. Kelly, do you have trouble finding something because of the disorganization? Or do you lose something because it was moved from its original space?

  9. I envy that desk! It's so much less cluttered than mine (really, mine is so covered in junk I can barely type/move my mouse.

    I would love to see an Invisible Touch movie! And there's going to be a sequel, right?


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