Trailer Tuesday – Chess Rumble

Chess Rumble
-A free-verse novella by G. Neri & illustrated by Jesse Joshua Watson

G. Neri is the author of the middle-grade novella Chess Rumble, the upcoming young adult novels Surf Mules (Putnam, June '09) and Caught (Putnam, Fall 2010) and the graphic novel Yummy (Lee & Low Books, Fall '09). He writes provocative, edgy stories for reluctant readers, especially urban boys, in hopes that these kinds of books-- immediate, compelling and told through the eyes of young males--will open minds to reading.

Inspired by inner-city school chess enrichment programs, Chess Rumble explores the ways this strategic game empowers young people with the skills they need to anticipate their moves through the game of life.

What do you like about this trailer?
What is interesting and engaging about it?


  1. The music is great, and there is something I find compelling about the drawings. They are simple yet pretty amazing!

    The idea of a "chess rumble" tickles me to no end! I'm interested to see how this is received by the "urban boys."


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