The Sunday Salon - Impending Reading Slump

The Sunday Salon.comIt has been a busy couple of days for me here. February has definitely not stat out as I had hoped reading wise and the month feels like it is racing by faster than I can catch up. I am worried I have stumbled across another reading slump. I am pushing to get through it but every day I am losing more reading time. Life gets busy and those kind of distractions don't bother me but not FEELING like reading concerns me.

The year has started strong reading wise. I finished 12 books in January, which is just under half of ALL the books I read last year. But my slump started to peek in on me at the end of the month and I have felt it like a presence looming over me ever since. I really hope I can break out of it soon because there are so many great books I want to read.

One of my favorite aspects of February is Presenting Lenore's dystopian themed month filled with reviews, interviews, and giveaways. Please make sure you check it out along with my own reviews of dystopian books all month long.  Lenore has already been super busy posting tons of great stuff on her blog. My posts (as usual) are taking a bit longer than I expected to get up. Dystopia, as most of you know, has long been a passion of mine and it fun to take the time to experience it with other people. I really appreciate Lenore doing this for the past few years.
Right now for dystopian month I am reading Susan Kaye Quinn's Open Minds. I am enjoying it quite a bit though take issue with some of the pacing. Pacing is definitely a personal thing though it can kind of feel like everyone should feel exactly the same when something is rubbing you the wrong way. Overall though it is an impressive books, especially when you think about ti being self published. I try not to give into the negativity towards self published books, but I can't help feeling surprised when I find I great one, so I guess I do give into it.

Next month I am doing a music theme month on the blog. I love music related books and have been gathering a stash of them for a few years now but never actually reading theme. Besides Lenore's Dystopian February I don't usually do theme months or if I have tried I definitely don't do them well. This rigid reading is a new experience for me and really keeping me motivated and helping me fight those slumps. Often when I have a slump I feel overwhelmed by all that I want to read and can't decide where to start. Now I just pick up one of the books on my list and read a few pages. The other night I started Harmonic Feedback and it is pretty fantastic. My only complaint is that something about the main character feels a little disingenuous. I am hoping that will smooth out later in the book.

Do you know of any GREAT music related books? I have a huge list I am working off of but I would hate to feel like I missed a major one. The two books that I recommend for you are Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway and Getting Over Jack Wagner by Elise Juska. These two books are the ones that sent me off to find more music related books.

As far as dystopian books go, I would ALWAYS love to hear what you are reading. I hope you are posting lots of reviews this month and linking up on Lenore's blog because she has an amazing prize pack up for grabs. If you are needing suggestions let me just take a moment to tell you a few of my young adult favorites. The Declaration by Gemma Malley, Bumped by Megan McCafferty, The Diary of Pelly D by L. J. Adlington, and The Pledge by Kimberly Derting.


  1. Have you read Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly? It's got a strong musical element. Also, if you're looking for some sci-fi/fantasy music themed books I'd recommend Dragonsong & Crystal Singer both by Anne McCaffrey.


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